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Bringing lunch to work is healthy and money-saving? Beware of the these consequences!
Date : 13/01/2022

Eating out is undeniably part of a busy working adult’s life. However, eating out is not only expensive, but also unhealthy due to the high sodium, high fats and high sugar meals, indigestion, constipation and overweight are commonly seen among the working adults. To ensure balanced diet and money-saving, many of them started to bring their own lunch. These are some of the keys that you need to look into while bringing your own lunch! 

Be careful on your lunchbox selection

If there is no microwave in your office, you have to get yourself a thermal lunchbox and make sure the foods are prepared in the morning before work to ensure its freshness and warmness. If you plan to microwave your lunch, make sure you are using a safe for microwaving lunchbox to avoid chemical substances being released during reheat. 

Separate the rice from other dishes

Most of us already get used to mixing rice and all the dishes together in the lunchbox with the sauces all over the rice, but this is not recommended. The “wet” dishes should be separated from the dry rice as the moisture on rice will promote the growth of bacteria. 

Do not bring the leftover

The idea of bringing your own lunch is to ensure the healthiness and nutritious of your lunch, not to get rid of the leftovers. If you really do not have time to prepare your lunch in the morning and plan to cook larger portion for your dinner so you can bring the extra to work in the next day, you should keep the freshly cooked foods before they get “polluted” by the saliva. Separate the portion that you want to bring for work before eating your dinner, store it in the fridge when it cools down to avoid the growth of bacteria in room temperature. 

Do not overcook the foods

If you are planning to reheat your food, you can keep the vegetables 70% cooked, but meat has to be cooked thoroughly to avoid the growth of bacteria. As for the vegetables you may want to opt for mushrooms and avoid leafy vegetable because it will be releasing nitrates when left overnight. Nitrate can be harmful to our body in long term, you can prepare green salad separately to ensure fiber intake. Also, avoid seafood in your lunchbox because the texture of seafood will be strongly affected after reheat, becoming dry and hard.

Don’t forget your fruits!

Other than ensuring a balanced diet and nutrition in your lunchbox, please remember to bring a box of fruits as well! Fruits can be eaten as dessert after lunch, and can also be eaten as snacks anytime! That will surely stop you from buying expansive and unhealthy snacks in the midday of work! 

Pay more attention to the foods that you bring to work each day and ensure a balanced diet. Moreover, the cooking method is also an important key that determines the healthiness of your food. Preparing your own lunch is indeed healthy and money-saving, but if you are not bringing it right, there might be a negative impact on your health! Begin your healthy journey with a nutritious lunchbox today and shine with your tough body from the inside out!      

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