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Benefits of Taking Noon Naps
Date : 10/02/2022

Most people used to think that taking afternoon naps considered as lazy and feeling fatigue. However, there are some studies that show afternoon naps can provide you tons of benefits for your health, mentally and physically. If you are sleep deprived or looking for ways to just relax, napping could be one of the solutions. 

So, let’s get rid of the bad rap of afternoon naps! Here are some of the various benefits that you napping can offer you: 

  1. Good for your heart health

Researchers found that those who were taking power naps around 15-20 minutes can decrease their risk of suffering a heart-related. If you are going through a mental stress due to work-related, a nap can lower your blood pressure and help your body to recover from pressure-filled situations. 

  1. Improve your memory

People who napped for 30-90 minutes had better word recall, which is a sign of good memory compared to people who did not nap or who napped more than 90 minutes. A nap can help you remember things learned earlier in the day as much as a full night’s sleep. That’s the reason why people often asked you to have a good sleep the night before your big exam or major project, as it helps with your memory consolidation process.

  1.  Lift up your mood 

Have you ever feeling down and just not in the mood to do anything? Try taking a nap for a short minute and you will feel the difference instantly! If you are in the office, you may take a nap or rest during your lunch hour and you will notice it can brighten your outlook. Experts shared that relaxation that comes from you lying down and resting is technically a mood booster, regardless if you fall asleep or not.

  1. Naps are better than caffeine

If you are wondering why it’s not the best way to take coffee when you are feeling sleepy after lunch, let us tell you why! Taking caffeine after lunch is probably not the best solution as it will cause you to have poor sleeping quality at night. Yes, you might feel refresh after taking a sip of that black coffee, but remember, things will get worse at night and the next day if you do not get enough sleep!  

  1. Naps make you more creative 

Have you ever woken up from your sleep with a great and amazing idea? It could be about your project or maybe about your quiz, but how incredible is that? REM sleep can activate some parts of your brain that associated with imagery and dreaming. A nap with REM sleep can help you combine wonderful ideas in new ways to come up with answers! 

However, do note that you should limit your naps around 10 to 20 minutes if you would like to wake up feeling more alert and refreshed, except for those who are facing sleep-deprived and have the capability to nap long enough to get a complete full sleep cycle which is 90 minutes. These are the best ways to avoid you from getting heavy lids during working hour and just a kind reminder to take your naps during your lunch hour!

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