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Ways to Maintain and Boost Lungs Health
Date : 01/03/2022

Lungs are one of the largest organs in our body. As big as its size, lungs also play big roles in our body. Lungs work by carrying oxygen into our body cells so they can function well. They also filter gas that is not needed by our body such as carbon dioxide. As our lungs carry important and significant roles, it is important for us to put extra care on it by knowing some of the ways to keep our lungs healthy.


When we talk about air pollution, these two images appear in our mind:  smoke emitted from factories and open agricultural burning that will lead to haze. Therefore, to maintain our lungs’ healthiness during haze, we can wear masks whenever we are going outside (although this has been our new habit under the threats from covid virus), especially when the reading of air pollutant index (API) in our area is unhealthy. This can help to filter tiny airborne particles from polluted air which can cause damage to the respiratory system. 


As we know, cigarettes contain lots of dangerous substances that can harm not only us but also people surrounding us. Tobacco smoke contains more than 7,000 dangerous chemicals that can lead to lung cancer as these chemical substances hit our lungs directly through inhaling the smoke. Besides the smokers, those people around them also can be affected by them as tobacco smoke that is puffed out by smokers can be inhaled by non-smoker, making them a secondhand smoker, which indirectly can lead to the same negative effects as the smokers.


It is true that our lungs will never stop working as long as we are still breathing. To maintain their healthiness, one has to be physically active. Just like our muscles, we need to exercise in order to make our lungs stronger. This is because when we are physically active, our lungs will work harder to supply sufficient oxygen demanded by our muscles. Examples of exercises that we can do to maintain our lungs’ health are by doing long walks, weight training and also tai chi.


Mushrooms are one of the health treasures. Some mushrooms or fungus are very precious as they contain lots of nutrients that are good for our body, and they are very limited. This included tiger’s milk mushroom or scientifically known as lignosus rhinocerus. It is believed that indigenous people use this mushroom in treating health conditions related to lungs such as cough. Other than mushrooms, you can include turmeric in your diet to boost your lungs’ health. Anti-inflammatory substances in turmeric may help in relieving airways inflammation and chest tightness that are usually linked with asthma.

Damaged and unhealthy lungs can cause organs and systems in our body to malfunction because each cell in our body needs oxygen in order to live. It can lead to many other health problems and indirectly give a negative impact to our life quality and productivity. Because of this, it is important for us to know and practice ways in maintaining and boosting our lungs’ health.

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