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Sweet sweet assassin!
Date : 13/01/2022

If you are experiencing any 3 of these conditions, you likely have glucotoxicity (sugar poisoning)!

"Excessive dependence on sweets may cause sugar poisoning. "

The term "glucotoxicity" refers to people who consume excessive amounts of sugar over a long period of time. Not only do they love sweets, they are also likely addicted to heavily seasoned foods, making them more prone to developing diseases than ordinary people while their body's ageing process accelerates.

If you want to put a stop to glucotoxicity, you need to know how to eat healthier to help you look younger. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid heavily seasoned foods in your daily diet as much as possible, especially snacks, fast food, bread, white rice, instant ramen etc.

Take the following quiz and answer 10 questions to see if you are experiencing glucotoxicity!


1. I had a heavy breakfast in the morning, but I was quickly hungry even before lunchtime. Yes/No

2. Junk food, sweets, and everything else, when you start, you can’t stop. The more you eat, the more addictive it gets. Yes/No

3. I often don't feel satisfied after a meal. Yes/No

4. Whenever I see or smell food, my desire to eat gets stronger and stronger. Yes/No

5. Sometimes I am not hungry, but I still feel like eating. Yes/No

6. I will always feel like eating supper. Yes/No

7. When I am full, I will feel lethargic or tired. Yes/No

8. Even after lunch my stomach will still feel empty and I will also feel tired. Yes/No

9. I can't stop eating even when I'm already full. Yes/No

10. I have experienced rebound after my weight loss before. Yes/No


If you have less than two "yes" answers, you don't have glucotoxicity.

If you have three to four "yes" answers, you have mild glucotoxicity.

If you have five to seven "yes" answers, you have moderate glucotoxicity.

If you have eight to ten "yes" answers, you have serious glucotoxicity.



 If you have less than two "yes" answers for the above 10 questions, congratulations! You are healthy and there is no sign of sugar poisoning. On the contrary, if you have 3 or more "yes" answers, beware! You are a part of a high-risk population that is prone to developing glucotoxicity!

You might say "life is pain au chocolat!" or "there's nothing wrong with wanting some sweetness in life!". There is no denying that when you are down or under the weather, some sweet foods or desserts can help brighten your day. However, this is a delusion caused by sugars that actually has side effects on the human body. Sugars are silent killers!


Content extracted from Facebook LIVE by Dr. Lee

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