Children are our precious diamonds

Nonetheless, some days in the future, our babies will fall sick as they grow up and become more prone to bacteria.

For quick reference, in the early days of life, cells in the immune system and antibodies are passed from mother to the infant through breast milk containing colostrum. This is a natural way to keep the infant healthy with nutritional values that colostrum possesses.

Kids do fall sick, but it is strange if they frequently experience any one of these issues; easily fall sick and get tired, always feel sleepy until it affects learning, always cry without significant illness. Before you even knew, your children may have a poor diet as a result of unhealthy eating habits or; unhygienic as they always play with dirty stuff like uncleaned toys or; exposed to outside risk as they play around dirty places highly contaminated with germs or; lack of sleep, always go to bed late and not getting enough rest. All of which contributes to low immune system!

Fear not! As much as you are sensitive towards your child care, Wellous too has a soft spot for children. This is why our latest formulation [KIDAONE Elderbery + Colostrum] is especially made for our diamonds as it comprises of 3 precious ingredients; Colostrum, Elderberry Extract, and Vitamin C.

Talking about specialty,

[KIDAONE Elderberry + Colostrum] is formulated using ColostrumOne™ based in the United States which acquires 25% Immunoglobulin G. Our colostrum went through agglomeration technique which improves the solubility of a powder to turn to a liquid form, hence, can be easily dissolved in our intestine when consumed.

ColostrumOne™ bovine colostrum
Eldercraft® Elderberry Extract
PureWay-C® Vitamin C

Every tablet contains 100mg ElderCraft® Elderberry Extract = 7000mg Elderberries

The capability of vitamin C goes without saying. Nevertheless, our vitamin C is derived from PureWay-C®. It is rapidly absorbed and leads to higher plasma and cellular levels, having faster and more beneficial effects than ordinary ascorbic acid.

Direction for use

2 chewable tablets per day


This product is only suitable for children above 2 years old with chewing ability.

Please chew before swallow, children should only consume the product under parents' guidance.