Body Well-being Formulation

Immune system is the defence system in our body that helps to fight against viruses, bacteria, and parasites. When we have low immunity, we may be facing various health issues: fall sick easily, indigestion, malnutrition, skin allergies, inflammation, wounds take longer time to heal and more. Wellous understands that the weakening of immune system has now become a common health concern for most of the people, therefore, we have developed Imuglo!

Imuglo is a formulation combining two legendary ingredients, ideally designed for people who are living in the polluted environment with imbalanced diet!

Combination of cross century ingredients

Maritech® Organic Fucoidan

Extracted from mekabu seaweed from world's purest ocean water, Maritech® Organic Fucoidan contains more than 85% of bioactive compound! Moreover, no harmful residue is detected in Maritech® Organic Fucoidan extracted using Aqueous Extraction!

ElderCraft® European Black Elderberry Extract

The antioxidant content found in black elderberries is twice as many as most of the fruits, anthocyanins found is 5 times as many as blueberries and 8 times as many as cranberries! Other than that, Imuglo also contains other ingredients such as PUREWAY-C™ vitamin C lipid metabolites and Maitake mushroom mycelium extract.

Maritech® Organic Fucoidan
ElderCraft® European Black Elderberry Extract
PUREWAY-C™ Vitamin C Lipid Metabolites
Maitake Mushroom Mycelium Extract
Mixed Fruit Juice

Direction for Use

Take one sachet daily