Don't you miss having a relaxing and deep sleep at night?

Sleep is the third pillar in one's fundamental of balanced health. It is a vital function which allows your body and mind to recharge, leaving you with a revitalized and beaming smile on your face the next day. Good quality sleep not only brings goodness to our physical health but also towards our brain performance and mood. Sadly, the way we live changes as our world evolves and technology rapidly progress, causing more than half of the world population to face a never-ending problem- sleep deprivation!

While there are some who think poor sleeping habits are the source of this problem, it might not be the same case for all.

Stress and anxiety could also affect one's sleeping quality at night by making it harder for one to fall asleep. It is time to put a stop to sleep deprivation and live your best life to the fullest!

The Sleeping Enhancement Beverage, RELAZZ

From a simple observation of a baby sleeping calmly for hours after drinking milk to production of an ideal ingredient, Wellous has come a long way to achieve the best formulation in helping you to get the best quality of sleep. After more than 15 years of diligent research, a 100% natural origin made of milk protein ingredient in de-stressing and relaxing is created and added in our sleeping enhancement beverage's formulation - RELAZZ!

RELAZZ is made out of a combination of ingredients from countries with the best healthcare- a branded ingredient, Lactium® from France with great stress buster effects, and patented Fermented Rice Germ Extract from Japan which helps in calming and relaxing for a night of better sleep. With additional benefits from three supporting ingredients, Sour Date Seed Extract, Hops Extract and L-theanine, it can comprehensively improve your sleep quality and promote relaxation!

Lactium® Milk Protein Hydrolysate from France
Fermented Rice Germ Extract from Japan
Sour Date Seed Extract
Hops Extract

International Branded and Patented Ingredients & Technologies

Lactium® Milk Protein Hydrolysate from France

An innovative ingredient of 100% natural origin made from milk proteins with relaxation properties that are good for de-stressing.

The milk is harvested only at night from the best dominant breed, Holstein Friesian, as it contains high amounts of melatonin.

Suitable for people with lactose intolerance, with no dependency when consuming.

Branded natural ingredients that have notably won the 2004 HIE Bronze Award for "Best Innovation in Health Ingredients" & 2020 Ringier Technology Award for Food & Beverage.

Fermented Rice Germ Extract from Japan

Derived from the very best quality of rice bran and rice germ, Oryza Sativa Linne originated from East Asia, Japan.

Processed naturally through patented enzyme activation technology under a sterile environment.

A well-known ingredient that helps in reducing symptoms of insomnia and depression along with keeping the balance of the transmitters for stable mental health.

Helps in activating the blood flow and increases the oxygen supply to enhance the metabolic function of brain cells.

3 Supporting Ingredients

Sour Date Seed Extract

Help to nourish the liver and heart that controls and affects our bodies' sleep cycle.

Help in improving the conditions that affect sleep such as anxiety, an overworked mind and night sweats.

Hops Extract

Help to improve insomnia, stress and anxiety with its mild sedative effects.

Help to improve sleep disturbances and restlessness.


Help people relax before bedtime and fall asleep more easily.

Boost your mental focus.


Suitable for:

People with sleep disorders.

People with difficulty falling asleep.

People who always feel exhausted and unrested in the morning.

Stressful and working adults.

Direction of Use:

Take 1 sachet an hour before bedtime.

Shake well before consumption.

Consume all after opening the sachet.