You Might be the Reason

Why You're Not Losing Weight!

In pace with economic growth, most of the people in urban cities are living a sedentary lifestyle due to busy schedules, which resulted in the gradual spike of obesity prevalence. Other than to curb hunger, eating is also perceived to be a form of self-rewarding and comforting these days. However, what comes after each of these satisfying meals is the weight-gain that highly affecting our confidence!

There are numerous ways and methods to lose weight today, but we tend to focus too much on the number on scale and abandon the risks that unhealthy weight loss methods could possibly bring along. With wrong or extreme approaches to weight loss, some might experience malnutrition, gastric, heart & kidneys problems, skin problems, fatigue and more. The ultimate solution to get rid of the stubborn fats in the body, has to be done in a healthy and scientific way!

Wellous believes that losing weight is not about blindly pursuing smaller number on scale, but to achieve a healthier body, mind, and soul.

Designed for the current eating habits and lifestyles, Zenso Healthy Weight Management series consists of 4 products: KuroOiru, KuroShuga, KuroMizu and KuroDaitto. Formulated with key ingredient Kurozu black vinegar and numerous patented and branded ingredients, Zenso can help to fundamentally regulate body mechanisms. We always believe healthy weight is within reach when ultimate health is achieved.

The Time-Tested Precious Essence

Japanese Black Vinegar, Kurozu

Possessing 200 years of brewing history, Kagoshima in Kyushu, Japan, is reckoned as a perfect place for the fermentation of black vinegar, Kurozu. This is due to the optimum conditions of warm climate, mineral-rich air, natural alkaline water and premium rice in Kagoshima.


Centuries-old Craftmanship

Perceived as a rare and the oldest traceable vinegar brewing method in the world, Kurozu placed in ceramic jars outdoors completes three fermentation processes naturally as time goes by. The 3-year fermented Kurozu tastes mellow and refreshing, with a touch of sweetness.

Kagoshima's Secret to Maintain Good Health

With an average lifespan of 85 years old, the local residents in Kagoshima enjoy adding Kurozu to their dishes or rice to maintain good health, eliminate fatigue and stay young, this is because Kurozu is rich in amino acids that most edible vinegar does not contain. It is also rich in vitamins, minerals and organic acids that the human body is unable to synthesise.

Other than health benefits, Kurozu is also famous for its amazing slimming effects, this is also the secret of Japanese in maintaining a slim and fit figure. Kurozu can help to neutralise the acidity level in the body, inhibit the absorption of fats, enhance fat burn and relieve constipation. In view of that, Kurozu has been regarded by the Japanese as an essential nutrient to lose weight healthily.

Zenso, Essentials to Healthy Weight Management

The products from our Zenso series holds certifications from GMP, HACCP and MesTi that guarantees its food safety and quality. Each batch of products are regularly sent in for testing at different laboratories to ensure that it is free from the contamination of heavy metals, harmful microorganisms, and drugs or chemicals. Our customers' satisfaction is of utmost priority, and hence our whole processing line, from the raw ingredients to the finished products, adheres strictly to our standard operating procedures on quality control. Trust us to manage your weight scientifically by replenishing nutrients and regulating your body mechanisms through our four Zenso products!

Zenso KuroOiru [Fat-Block Formula]

The fat-block formulation of Zenso KuroOiru rose & milk flavour chewable tablet helps you burn fat, increase the metabolism rate of fats, and inhibit the synthesis and absorption of fats in the body.

Ingredients: Kurozu black vinegar, Morosil™ red orange fruit extract, IGOB 131® African mango extract, L-Carnitine, garcinia extract, purple tea extract, shekwasha juice powder, and chitosan.

Direction of use: Zenso KuroOiru: Take 1 tablet 30 minutes before lunch and dinner.

Zenso KuroShuga [Carb-Block Formula]

The carb-block formulation of Zenso KuroShuga cherry blossom & bamboo salt flavour chewable tablet helps to inhibit the digestion and absorption of sugars, starches, and fats, preventing the conversion of sugars into fats, enhance insulin sensitivity, and reduce overall body fat and weight.

Ingredients: Kurozu black vinegar, CQR-300® cissus quadrangularis extract, L-arabinose, white kidney bean powder, green tea extract, chromium chloride, Okinawa lesser yam powder, and gymnema sylvestre extract.

Direction of use: Zenso KuroShuga: Take 1 tablet 30 minutes before lunch and dinner.

Zenso KuroMizu [Diuretic Formula]

The diuretic formula of Zenso KuroMizu berries & plum flavour botanical beverage helps to remove excessive water and sodium from the body, reduce swelling caused by water retention in limbs and face, improve liver function and overall detoxification, and support weight loss through regulating the metabolism of glucose and lipids.

Ingredients: Kurozu black vinegar, CactiNea™ cactus fruits extract, juniper berries extract, meadowsweet extract, ginger root extract, and Japanese red plum.

Direction of use: Zenso KuroMizu: Consume 1-2 sachets after getting up in the morning.

Zenso KuroDaitto [Meal Replacement], Chocolate or Vanilla Macadamia Flavour Botanical Beverage

Zenso KuroDaitto chocolate or vanilla macadamia flavour botanical beverage is a low-calorie, high-protein content meal replacement that contains 18 essential vitamins and minerals required for the daily functioning of our human body. It can help to suppress appetite, reduce overall body weight and body fat, lessen the intake of calories, provide the feeling of satiety, and meet your daily nutrient requirements while managing your weight healthily.

Ingredients: Kurozu black vinegar, Slimaluma® cactus extract, baobab fruit powder, fiber creamer, isolate soy protein, whey protein isolate, MCT oil powder, konjac powder, and vitamins & minerals premix.

Direction of use: Zenso KuroDaitto: Mix 2 scoops of powder (30g) with 200ml of water, shake or stir well.

Zenso is suitable for people who:

•Wish to lose weight healthily
•Always skip meals
•Always eating out
•Enjoy high-sugar, high-sodium and high-calorie foods
•Have the issue of water retention
•Always stay in air-conditioned rooms and rarely sweat
•Living a sedentary lifestyle and rarely exercise